Facing lewd comments, woman drags man to police station

woman slapped him and caught hold of his collar

It could have been just another incident where a woman had to withstand lewd comments as she passed on in national capital on Sunday but the woman slapped him and caught hold of him to drag him to nearby police station.

The woman slapped him and caught hold of his collar following which he was dragged to a nearby police station.

It is said that the

incident came to light when the woman, who was walking along with a friend, was at the receiving end of four men harassing her

in Gaffar market of Karol Bagh.

She decided that the women decided to take an auto-rickshaw to avoid them.

But to their surprise, the men had started tailing the vehicle.

The woman then decided to teach the man a lesson as she got off the rickshaw and slapped him.

Seeing this, the crowd gathered at the scene and she dragged him all the way to a nearby police station and filed a complaint against him.

Soon after she registered the complaint and the police arrested the two men identified as Manish and Abhishek, belonging to Charkhi Dadri area in Haryana.

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