Family alleges coma patient’s eye bitten off by rodents; know more

incident is said to be of a hospital in Mumbai's Jogeshwari

In a shocker from medical field, family of a comatose patient have alleged that the rodents have bitten off eye of the patient.

The incident is said to be of a hospital in Mumbai’s Jogeshwari.

As per reports, the father of 27-year-old Parminder Gupta alleged that rats nibbled the right eyelid of his son.

He was admitted at the government-run hospital.

However, the hospital authorities have denied any negligence on their part.

Ram Gupta, who is the father of the patient, said that he witnessed blood on his son’s right eyelid in the morning.

He had earlier also seen it during the night and had to boo away two rats near his son’s hospital bed.

Parminder was in the ICU of a private hospital since March, after he suffered a head injury following a road accident, say reports.

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