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Female gang of chain thieves nabbed

Bhopal\Indore: A three-member inter-state female gang specializing in stealing chains from women by diverting their attention has been nabbed by the Indore crime branch.

Their male accomplice, who used to drive them around in a car has also been nabbed.


DIG Harinarayanchari Mishra said that they have recovered 25 chains worth around Rs 15 lakhs from them.

“The gang has been operating for the past 10 years and have struck in neighbouring Rajasthan and Maharashtra also.

The gang used to be especially active during the festive season, when women wear jewellery.

They have admitted to over 70 cases of chain theft in the past one year” the DIG said.


The modus-operandi of the gang was to target places were there were a large number of women – like busy market places, religious and social gatherings, fairs etc.

Wearing good clothes to match the occasion, the gang members used to identify the target and then follow her till they found a suitable moment.

While one of them stood behind her, the other distracted her attention, while the third cut the chain with a sharp cutter.

More often than not the chain fell on the ground, which they picked up and vanished before the target could realize that she had been robbed.

Showing how meticulous their planning was, the police found a list of upcoming social and religious functions which they were planning to target in Madhya Pradesh and other state.

They always kept spare clothes in the car which they used to change into if needed.

Those arrested are Rukmani Shakte (30) resident of Bhim Nagar, Sonam Shakte (20) resident of Bhim Nagar and the gang leader Sarita Hatavle (35) resident of Mamta Nagar and their driver Subhash Pal (35) Mamta Nagar.

Rukmani and Soman are sisters-in-law. Police said they are trying to trace the jeweler who used to purchase their stolen goods and book him also

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