Female Prisoners of Mumbai’s Byculla Jail admitted to JJ Hospital

Doctors at the JJ Hospital where 78 female inmates of Mumbai's Byculla Jail are currently undergoing treatment have said that those affected are vomiting, experiencing abdominal pain and dehydration among other issues. The cause of the widespread illness is yet to be ascertained.

Approx 86 inmates lodged at the Byculla Women’s prison here were rushed to a hospital this morning after they complained of abdominal pain and incessant vomiting.

Currently being treated at the JJ Hospital, the prisoners are being presumed to have fallen victims to water contamination or food poisoning which may have caused widespread ailment.

The matter came to light around 11:30 this morning when inmates started falling ill at a rapid pace and scale. The number of prisoners affected grew from 30 to 50 and eventually 81.

A report said, Dr M Tayade, dean of JJ Hospital as saying that the number of inmates affected may rise even further.

Meanwhile, medical professionals attending to the inmates say that those affected are experiencing vomiting, abdominal pain, loose motions and dehydration.

The dean further said that all prisoners are stable and a probe has been ordered into what might have caused such panic.

However, the national daily has cited two sources at the hospital where the prisoners are being treated as saying that two of the inmates are in critical condition.

The cause of the ailment is yet to be ascertained pending medical tests. Female members of the Indian parliament had visited the premises last year in order to check on the living conditions provided to inmates.

Mumbai’s Byculla Prison is currently home to about 312 female inmates. No male inmates lodged at the prison’s men ward have complained of either food poisoning or water contamination as of yet.

Byculla Women’s Prison had made headlines last year when an inmate, Manjula Shetye was allegedly beaten to death by the warden and other jail officials.

An internal probe ordered into her death had resulted in the suspension and transfer of multiple personnel.

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