Film on Kashmir backdrop to be screened in prestigious international festival

In a boost for films with Kashmir in the backdrop, the movie Widow of Silence is all set to be screened at the prestigious International Film Festival Rotterdam 2019 in the Voice section.

It need be mentioned that the film tells the story of a Muslim ‘half-widow’ who struggles to get the death certificate of her missing husband from the government. It has been directed by Praveen Morchhale with actors including Shilpi Marwaha, Ajay Chourey, Noorjahan and Bilal.

This comes after Widow of Silence had its world premiere at the Busan International Film Festival in October.

It won the Best Film Award (Indian Film Competition) at the Kolkata International Film Festival and was in the international competition section at the International Film Festival of Kerala.

Praveen Morchhale was also nominated at Busan International Film Festival 2018 for the Kim Jiseok Awards.

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