Finally Shiksha Karmi got Justice from High Court after Ten Years

Got Back Job with Ten Years Salary

On 21 November 2019, a case was presented for final hearing in the Bench of Honorable Chhattisgarh High Court Justice Shri Prashant Mishra in which an education worker was fired ten years ago without any notice.

The victim Mahesh Kumbhakar approached the High Court and filed a petition.On the last date of the hearing of this case on 21 November, Petitioners Mahesh Kumbhakar’s advocate Mahendra Dubey and Nimesh Kumar Jha before the court said, Mahesh’s acquittal and against the rules Arguing for the removal of the job, The Hon’ble Court, agreeing to serve the petitioner in this service case The order has been passed to provide restitution and full salary and arrears of 10 years in a time limit of 3 months.

The entire case is such that the petitioner Mahesh Kumbhakara, who was appointed to the post of education worker grade-2 in 1998, after a complaint, the entire selection list was canceled by the state government, on which all the selected workers filed the writ petition in the Hon’ble High Court. In 2006, the Honorable High Court gave a decision in favor of the petitioners.

Unhappy with this selection in service, Umakant Mahobia (who was not selected) again filed the case MCC No 75/2006 in the High Court and petitioned the Hon’ble High Court to review the said order WPS 1589/2002 on which Hon.

The High Court canceled the earlier order dated 07/2002 of the State Government and redesigned the entire selection list by giving appropriate notice to the parties concerned, and renewed again and Ordered to create a list.

In compliance with the said order, the state government freed the petitioner Mahesh Kumbhakar from service, without giving notice and without giving proper opportunity of hearing.

Against which the petitioner presented the final arguments in the Hon’ble High Court through Advocate Shri Mahendra Dubey and Advocate Nimesh Kumar Jha, on which the petitioner, after final hearing, he was restored to service and full salary of 10 years with arrears, within a time limit of 3 months. Order to provide has been passed.

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