Fishing remuneration hiked to Rs. 30 per kg highest in the country

Fishermen Welfare Minister Arya announces at general meet of Fisheries Federation

Fishing remuneration to the fishermen of the state has been hiked from Rs 28 to Rs 30 per kg for catching big fish and Rs 18 from Rs 17 per kg for catching small fish.

Fishermen Welfare and Fisheries Development Minister Shri Antar Singh Arya today made this announcement while presiding over the annual general meeting of the Fisheries Federation.

This is the highest rate being paid to the fishermen in the country. Representatives of Fishermen Committees from all over the state along with Principal Secretary Fishries Shri Ashwini Rai and Managing Director Fisheries Federation Shri Mahendra Singh Dhakad were present during the meeting.

Minister Shri Arya told the fishermen committees to keep watch on the reservoir to enhance their income and for fish production.

He called upon the fishermen to avail full benefits of the schemes like Sambal Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, Saral Bijli Bill Waiver Scheme etc. Shri Arya said that through these schemes the government has come forward to bear the big personal expenses of the poor sections.

He told that more than one crore 82 lakh labourers from the unorganised sector who have been registered under the scheme are being given financial assistance for sudden calamities and higher education of children.

Shri Arya said that in the year 2017-18, fish production from the reservoirs of the Fisheries Federation was 7332.93 tonnes, which is 36 kg per hectare, more than the national productivity of 33 kg per hectare.

Nearly 188 kilograms per hectare fish was obtained from Kutni reservoir of the Federation, which is probably the highest in the country. Shri Arya informed the members of the committee about the achievements of fishermen welfare schemes and activities.

Managing Director Shri Mahendra Singh Dhakad informed that the Fisheries Federation that was running in loss till year 2009-10 is constantly on profit since year 2011-12.

This year the Federation has paid Rs 20 crore 11 lakh fishing remuneration to the fishermen. Previously, fishermen were given Re one bonus per kg which has now been hiked to Rs 4 per kg.

With the help of Fisheries Federation, 90 percent fish were sent outside state for sale which was fetching a good market for the fishermen.

The Employees Union felicitated Minister Shri Arya with a massive garland for approving the 7th payscale for them. The Fishermen Group thanked the Minister for the hike in remuneration and expressed their gratitude and enthusiasm.

Secretary Fisheries Federation Shri K.L. Manjhi gave information about the proposed target of year 2019-20. Officials of Finance Department, Cooperatives, Narmada Valley Development Authority and Forest and Environment Department were present during the programme.

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