Family Floater Policy or Individual health Insurance Policies are Suitable

Floater Policy is more Cost-Effective for Younger Families,Individual health Insurance Policies for Older Families

As a customer you should be clear at your end whether you want to buy an individual or a family floater health cover. Family floater policy covers your family, mostly self, spouse, dependent children and dependent parents under a single sum insured. Floater policies are very efficient in terms of price and handling for renewals and claims. It is a cost-effective option which offers a floater sum insured which can be utilised by anyone in the family and are suitable for younger families with members having low health risk. Individual health insurance policies are expensive as compared to floater policies and are suitable for older families or families where the health risk is high. you make sure that the sum insured is adequate and does not require revision anytime soon.

All mediclaim policies offering coverages for pre and post hospitalisation expenses, provide reimbursement of medicine expenses along with medical tests and doctor’s fees subject to terms and conditions of policy. Expenses incurred within 30 to 60 days before hospitaliSation and between 90 to 180 days post hospitaliSation are covered. Some mediclaim policies also offer coverage for OPD treatments.

As per Irdai norms, portability option is available only for health insurance policies. However, you can switch to another insurer at the time of renewal or cancel your existing policy and buy a new one. On producing an alternate car insurance policy, the current insurance company will refund premium on pro-rata basis for remaining policy period.

Currently none of the insurers in India are offering long-term policies for cars. A few insurers are offering long-term cover for two-wheelers, which can be insured for two or three years.

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