FM Arun Jaitley slams detractors for undeclared Emergency allegation

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has hit out at detractors for casually using undeclared emergency to describe the present NDA government saying they should introspect where they were during the Emergency.

In a Facebook post on the anniversary of the Emergency, Jaitley asked, the critics what was their publicly declared stand during those 19-months stating that it has become customary for the critics of any government to casually use an expression undeclared emergency.

He said, those making these exaggerated comments need to introspect their own roles during the Emergency as most of them were either supporting the Emergency or were absent in any protest against it.

Detailing circumstances under the Emergency, the Minister said, an era of sycophancy always suffers from a dichotomy. He said, the emergency was an assault on all democratic institutions.

Jaitley added that it not only established the dictatorship of an individual, but it created an environment of tyranny and fear in the society. Most institutions collapsed on their own.

The Emergency was declared by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on the midnight of 25th – 26th of June, 1975.

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