Foods That Helps To Fight Against Cigarette Addiction

Cigarette addiction is such that it is difficult to quit

Cigarette addiction is such that it is difficult to quit. For this, they also take many counseling sessions and medicines. There are also some food items that can help in ridding this habit of damaging the body.


If you want to smoke, then drink a cup or a glass of milk. Take a sip and drink it. In 2016, they researched on about 200 smokers. During this time they questioned him about which food items do not cause cigarette addiction after eating or drinking. In response to this, most people chose milk.


In 2013, a study published in the journal Nicotine and Tobaco Research revealed that people who smoke cigarettes eat less than those who do not drink it. They conducted a study on people trying to quit smoking about 1000. Researchers based on the data found that people who increased their diet and included fruits and vegetables in the diet could not smoke for about 30 days. Those who did not do this, smoked in between.


During quitting cigarette addiction, the person has a desire to eat something so that his hands and mouth remain busy during smoking. Here, popcorn can help a lot. The advantage of popcorn is that the fiber in it fills the stomach and it reduces the desire for smoking.


If you want to smoke cigarettes, then take cinnamon and put it in your mouth. Keep sucking this stick or you can chew it. Its test and the elements in it are so strong that it helps control the brain’s desire for smoking.


Suppress cigarette desire with another wish. When it is asked, eat your favorite food, it will help you feel satisfied.

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