Foods you must avoid in summers to maintain health !

Drinking plenty of water is crucial but it might not be enough to maintain health under the scorching sun. There are food items that can turn your health upside down and trouble you a lot if consumed in summer. Keep these food items at bay from the plate for a healthy and comfortable summer.

So as the summer sun is all set to excruciate you, keep these food items at bay from the plate for a healthy and comfortable summer.

Fried food: Junk food tops the list of ‘food-that-should-not -be-eaten’ everywhere in the world. Apart from reasons related to fitness, they should also be avoided because they can cause food poisoning in summers. Fried food is full of oil that makes your skin appear oily and impede the smooth functioning of your digestive system. Therefore, these food items are better avoided during the summer season.

Non-vegetarian food: Meat is known to be rich in protein. Any kind of meat is a source of protein for the body. Our body has a hard time breaking down and absorbing the protein into our body during summers. One of the most common sources of food poisoning in summers is seafood. Red meat is also notorious for increasing the body temperature so it is better to avoid during these days.

Dairy-based products: A mugful of cold or skimmed milk might seem a stress reliever after a long day during summer. But once the cool is gone, it heats up the body and irritates your stomach, more often than not causing acidity. Same are the effects of butter and cheese. They simply target your stomach and cause stomach problems in the long run.

Spicy food: Indian food just seems so incomplete without a dash of spices. But not when it’s summer. Regularly having spicy food can make your health go on a downhill. So when you plan your meal for the summer, keep the spice content on the lower side as the spices irritate your bowel. The lighter the food, the easier it is for your stomach to digest it. Just regulate your spice intake.

Tea/Coffee: Tea and coffee are known to heat the body up. So, they’re a complete no-no in the summer. Caffeine, when coupled and consumed with sugar, dehydrates your body and makes your face look flushed. So watch out before you consume it.


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