Former AAP MLA called Manoj Tiwari ‘Nachaniah President’

New Delhi: Former Delhi legislator of Gandhinagar, Anil Vajpayee has called Manoj Tiwari ‘Nachaniah president’ Anil Vajpayee has been the MLA of the Aam Aadmi Party.

In protest against the sealing of shops, the Aam Aadmi Party councilors and former MLAs took the march from the South Avenue Office to the Civic Center and shouted slogans with posters in their hands.

Manoj Tiwari is the Delhi Pradesh BJP President. Apart from this, Tiwari also has saasand from north Delhi. The three MCD convened a joint meeting on Saturday for the issue of sealing.

Protesting against sealing during the meeting, protesters of Aam Aadmi Party entered inside the Civic Center and entered the slogans and started sloganeering.

By reaching the Civic Center, your activists accused BJP of recovering the name of conversion charge. The protesters appealed to the Supreme Court’s Monitoring Committee to review the issue of sealing again.

Explain that before coming to politics, Monoj Tiwari used to sing songs for Bhojpuri films and perform stage shows. Tiwari has also lived in Leo Roll as an actor in many Bhojpuri films.

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