Former combat pilot and US Senator revealed this during a senate hearing

A former combat pilot and now US Senator, Martha McSally shocked the world by claiming that she had been raped by a superior officer.

She said that at the time, she did not trust the system that much which is why she blamed herself.

McSally revealed this during a Senate hearing on sexual assault in the military.

McSally did not identify her attacker.

McSally was appearing before a Senate Armed Services subcommittee hearing.

Another member of the subcommittee, Democratic Senator Tammy Duckworth, a retired Army lieutenant colonel who lost both legs in combat in the Iraq war, said at the hearing that the military “has utterly failed at handling sexual assault.”

McSally’s disclosure came less than two months after Senator Joni Ernst, an Army veteran, said publicly that she had been raped in college by someone she knew and that her ex-husband had physically abused her. An attorney for her former husband declined to comment at the time.

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