Former PM Manmohan Singh makes scathing attack on govt’s policies

criticised the incumbent government on the foreign policy

In yet another scathing criticism of the incumbent central government, the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh took on the claims of the government on demonetisation and jobs data.

He said that employment figures as is being claimed by the government are questionable.

“People are not impressed with the figures that are being put out by the Modi government to justify the creation of large number of jobs,” he said.

On the much hyped demonetization as well, former PM Singh said that nothing concrete has been done to bring back the promised billions of dollars allegedly held abroad as black money.

He also pointed out that the almost all of the notes, that had been demonetized, returned to the RBI.

On the employment scenario, he said that crucial programmes like Make in India are yet to make a meaningful impact on industrial production growth.

He also criticised the incumbent government on the foreign policy and said that relations with neighbours have only deteriorated in the last four years.

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