Fraud couple dupes Axis Bank of Rs 17.95 lakh By availing separate personal loans

Raipur: In a bizarre incident of fraud reported in Civil Lines police station, a couple posing and employees of Balco duped the Pandri branch of Axis Bank of Rs 17.95 lakh by availing two separate personal loans through forged salary documents.

According to police, complainant Yogesh Desmukh, the manager of Pandri branch of Axis Bank, stated in his written complaint that a couple identifying themselves Ajit Kumar Pandey and Mamata Pandey first reached the bank on June 17, 2016 posing as employees of Balco and enquired about availing personal loans. The duo also provided their respective salary certificates in support of their demand and proof of being Balco employees.


Not suspecting their salary documents at all, the bank agreed to provide them personal loans. Subsequently, the fraud duo availed two personal loans worth Rs 10 lakh and Rs 7.95 lakh by December 16, 2016. While the availed loan was immediately withdrawn from the respective bank accounts by those frauds, they simply did not repay even a single loan repayment installment.

Failing to contact the duo over the provided phone numbers, the bank officials finally decided to approach them personally but this resulted in more shock for them as it was soon revealed that neither of them are employees of Balco. Ultimately, a complaint was lodged with police following which an offence has been registered against them under Section 420, 467, 468, 471, 34 IPC and now further investigation is underway.

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