French PM Edouard Philippe to announce Suspension of Fuel Tax Hikes

French PM to announce suspension of fuel tax hikes, cites govt sources.

French PM, Edouard Philippe is set to announce the suspension of fuel tax hikes which triggered massive unrest across the country, reported citing government sources.

France’s government officially canceled a meeting with Yellow Vest protestors scheduled for Tuesday, reported.

Philippe’s office has said the prime minister would announce some “measures” favoring the protesters. Culture Minister Franck Riester previously told reporters Philippe may make “a strong conciliatory gesture in the coming days,” but did not provide any details.

Earlier on Monday, it emerged that protesters representing the movement have pulled out of the planned meeting with the Prime Minister.

Two of the protest leaders, Jacline Mouraud and Benjamin Cauchy, told they had received threats from hardline protesters who warned them against entering into dialogue with the government.

The “Yellow Vests” have been protesting about a controversial fuel tax since mid-November. Massive rallies hit Paris and France’s major cities, with protesters demanding to drop the tax rise.

President Emmanuel Macron repeatedly said he will not back down on taxes, but on Monday the government signaled that it is ready to make some concessions. Also that day, he held an urgent security meeting and cancelled a planned visit to Serbia to tackle the crisis.

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