Fuel prices jumps again in the Country

Petrol jumps 19 paise in Delhi to Rs 74.61, Diesel 16 paise to Rs 67.49

Petrol and Diesel prices in the country have increased for the second consecutive day.Petrol prices in the country have increased in the range of 13-19 paise, while diesel prices were hiked by 10-16 paise.

The biggest jump among the four metropolitan cities was witnessed by Delhi where petrol rates increased by 19 paise and diesel rates increased by 16 paise. However, fuel prices in Delhi were still the cheapest between the four metropolitan cities.

Mumbai: Petrol – Rs 80.21; Diesel – Rs 70.76

Kolkata: Petrol – Rs 77.23; Diesel – Rs 69.85

Chennai: Petrol – Rs 77.50; Diesel – Rs 71.30

Delhi: Petrol – Rs 74.61; Diesel – Rs 67.49

While the price of petrol and diesel is impacted by the global crude price and the value of rupee, the Saudi Arabia drone attack compounded the increase in prices.

Reliance Industries that sources a significant share of its crude from Saudi Aramco has said that the company has confirmed and reassured supplies for October will be maintained.

A spokesperson for RIL said, “In the immediate aftermath of the incident, Aramco maintained supply with alternate grades of crude oil. The alternate grades being heavier suited Reliance’s refining needs. Aramco have confirmed and assured that supplies for October will be maintained both in terms of quantity and mix of grades as per our requirement.”

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