Fuel Prices Rose Today

Petrol, diesel prices on Monday: Petrol price crossed the crucial Rs. 90 mark in Mumbai on Monday, stated Indian Oil Corporation (IOC).

Fuel prices, rose today between 5 paise and 12 paise across the four metro cities in line with global oil prices and a weakening rupee.

Petrol price crossed the crucial Rs. 90 mark in Mumbai, stated Indian Oil Corporation (IOC). A litre of petrol was being sold in Mumbai at the rate of Rs. 90.08, according to IOC, the largest fuel retailer of the country.


Petrol was being sold in New Delhi for Rs. 82.72/ litre, in Kolkata for Rs. 84.54/ litre, and in Chennai for Rs. 85.99/ litre. A litre of diesel was being sold for Rs. 78.58 in Mumbai, Rs. 74.02 in New Delhi, Rs. 75.87 in Kolkata and Rs. 78.26 in Chennai, according to iocl.com.

These petrol, diesel rates came into effect from 6 am on Monday.

On Sunday, a litre of petrol was sold at Rs. 82.61 in New Delhi, Rs. 84.44 in Kolkata, Rs. 89.97 in Mumbai and Rs. 85.87 in Chennai. A litre of diesel was sold at Rs. 73.97 in New Delhi, Rs. 75.82 in Kolkata, Rs. 78.53 in Mumbai, and Rs. 78.20 in Chennai.

The rise in petrol prices was 11 paise each in Delhi and Mumbai, 10 paise in Kolkata and 12 paise in Chennai. The increase in diesel prices was 5 paise each in Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai and 6 paise in Chennai.

Globally, oil prices rose as US markets tightened just weeks ahead of Washington’s plan to impose new sanctions against Iran, with American bank J.P. Morgan warning of price spikes above $90 per barrel in coming months.

Brent crude futures were at $79.71 per barrel at 0138 GMT or 7:08 am IST, up by 91 cents, or 1.2 per cent.

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