Fully Vaccinated Passengers Can Travel to The US From November

In what can be called as a good news for flyers planning to travel to the United States, the country has eased travel restrictions allowing fully vaccinated individuals to enter the US beginning in November.

New Delhi: “Vaccinated people from countries like India can now travel to the US with proof of their vaccination before they start flying for the United States”, White House officials said.

The new guidelines will replace the blanket ban imposed by former President Donald Trump on foreign travellers from entering the US at the start of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020.

On being asked about the existing quarantine requirements and travel ban from countries like India, Brazil, United Kingdom, China, Iran and South Africa, Zients said early November the United States will move to this new and much stricter global system.

Furthermore, Zients said fully vaccinated travellers will need to complete pre-departure testing within three days prior to departure to the United States and show proof of a negative test.

Furthermore, any unvaccinated Americans returning to the US are subject to stricter testing requirements. They will need to test within one day of departure and will be required to test again, post their arrival.

On US-bound flights, masks will be mandatory and airlines will provide the US health authorities with contact tracing information. “This new international travel system follows the science to keep Americans’ international air travel safe,” Zients stated.


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