Gandhi elaborates on GST as Gabbar Singh Tax ; BJP responds with Dramebazz number one!!!

Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi, during his campaign in Gujarat on Monday, tried to capitalize on the woes of the traders due to the Goods and Services Tax and explained it to be Gabbar Singh Tax much to the delight of audience. It may be known that Gabbar Singh is recognized in India as villain even if it is fictional.

Rahul Gandhi went on to add that GST has brought lakhs of small traders to their knees, a charge that the opposition has been levelling against Prime Minister Narendra Modi as part of a composite takedown of his handling of the economy.
In Delhi, senior BJP leader and union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad also drew inspiration from Bollywood as he described Rahul Gandhi’s party as “Dramebaaz Party Number One” (he said it belongs in the popular ’90s series of “Aunty No 1″ and “Coolie No 1″)  based on its aggrandizing of recent events in Gujarat.
Over the weekend, Alpesh Thakore, a newly-prominent young leader of backward castes in Gujarat, met Mr Gandhi at his residence in Delhi and said that he will join the Congress in the next few days. “They say a big leader is coming back to Congress party — when did he ever leave,” said Ravi Shankar Prasad, sharing that Alpesh Thakore’s father was a Congressman.

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