Gautam Gambhir Received Death Threats from an International Number

The East Delhi MP asked the Police to file an FIR in the Matter.

Gambhir,who is the BJP MP from East Delhi Constituency has sent a letter to DCP Shahdara District regarding stating about the death threats he has been receiving. Gambhir also revealed that he has been receiving death threats from an international number.The 38-year-old has further asked for safety and security to his family.

“I have been receiving death threats for me & my family from an international number.I request you to file an FIR for the same & ensure safety and security to my family,” stated Gambhir in the letter.

Gambhir is known for opining on various on-going issues in the country. His recent statement was regarding the CAA protests which have been constantly grabbing the headlines since a few days.

Gautam Gambhir had recently condemned lathi charging in CAA protests

The veteran cricketer has always been in the news since the past couple of years. Recently, Gambhir had also condemned the lathi charging during the CAA protests. However, he has also stated that police had no option but to retaliate for self-protection.

“I said lathi charging students is wrong but if something has happened due to self-protection then it is not wrong. If you are throwing stones and burn public properties then the police will retaliate in some way.If you are protesting peacefully,then there is no problem,you have all the rights,” Gambhir

“You talk about your issues and to handle those issues and solve those is the responsibility of the govt and would be the responsibility in future too,” Gambhir, who’s also a former Indian cricketer, added.

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