Gemstones and rashi : What you should wear

Moon sign or rashi is the sign in which the moon was placed during the moment of your birth and is one of the most important elements in Vedic astrology. One of the most important parts of your kundali, your rashi is a window to the many things that determine your personality and nature. You will also understand certain factors that determine your life direction by studying your rashis well.

Significance of gemstones

If you are looking to determine the planetary influences in your life (indicated by rashi), it is important to understand the context of gemstones in the larger picture. Simply put, particular gemstones are a conduit of the planets that governed your birth time and if worn in the right way, channel that positive energy into your life. Learn which gemstone is ideal per your birth rashi in this list below.

Moon Signs and Gemstones – A Healthy Combination

The intricacies of wearing your gemstone do not stop at which moon sign corresponds to which stone. There are also particular days in the week when you have to wear them and on particular fingers too, to harness the energy of your birth moon sign.

Red Coral for Aries

Mesha or Aries is the moon sign governed by the planet Mars (Mangal). Red coral is the corresponding gemstone identified in Vedic astrology. Red coral or moonga should be worn on a Tuesday on your ring finger, also known as the anaamika.

Taurus and Diamonds

Vrish is Taurus is referred to in Vedic astrology is owned by Venus (Shukra). Diamond is the gemstone that represents the energy of this astrological pairing. An auspicious day for wearing it is Friday, on the middle finger (madhyama).

Emerald for Gemini

Gemini or Mithun is associated with the planet Mercury (Buddha). The representing gemstone is emerald. Wear the gemstone on Wednesdays to capture the correct energies and wear them on your little finger, referred to as kanishtha.

Pearls and Cancer

Cancer or Kark is governed by the moon. Pearls represent this astrological combination and Monday is considered the best day to wear your gemstone. The pearl ring should be worn on your little finger to complete this auspicious portrait.

Leo, the Sun and Rubies

Singha, the lion or Leo is owned by the Sun, per Vedic astrology. This combination is channeled in rubies, considered the ideal gemstone for those born in this time. Wear your ruby on a Sunday on your ring finger.

Virgos and Emeralds

Virgo or Kanya is owned by the planet Mercury or Buddha. Emerald, known traditionally as Panna is the gemstone that represents this combination. Wear your emerald on a Wednesday on the kanishtha or little finger.

Librans and Diamonds

Libra or Tula is associated with the planet Venus (Shukra). The gemstone for this moon sign which represents the owner planet is diamond. Wear your gemstone on a Friday, on your middle finger or madhyama.

Scorpio, Mars and Corals

Vrishchik or Scorpio is owned by the planet Mars. Those who are born under this sign should adopt corals as their gemstones, according to Vedic astrology. Enjoy the advantages of this positive energy by wearing your stone on a Saturday on your ring finger.

Sagittarius and Yellow Sapphires

The sign governed by Jupiter or Brihaspati, the Sagittarius or Dhanu rashi is known to be represented by the yellow sapphire gemstone. The best day for wearing this stone is Thursday. Wear it on your index finger or tarjani.

Capricorn, Saturn and Blue Sapphires

Capricorn or Kumbha is a rashi governed by the planet Saturn or Shani. If you were born in this rashi, your gemstone is blue sapphire or neelam. Wear your gemstone on Saturday, the most auspicious for this combination, and on your middle finger or madhyama.

Aquarius and the Blue Sapphire

Aquarius or Makar is a rashi also represented by the planet Saturn, whose energy is channeled in blue sapphire. Enjoy the positives of this combination by wearing your gemstone on a Saturday, on your middle finger.

Pisces, Jupiter and Yellow Sapphire

The rashi of Pisces or Meen is owned by the planet Jupiter (Brihaspati). The gemstone for this moons sign is yellow sapphire or pukhraj. Wear your gemstone on a Thursday on the index finger (tarjani).

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