Germany coach slams referee after quarterfinal loss vs Brazil

“I think the referee is responsible for the result,” he said after Sunday’s 1-2 defeat against Brazil that sent them home.

“Look at Jan Boller’s face, just below the eye. It is cut. This was just Before the winner. Before the tournament started, teams were spoken to by officials and it was said any elbow or hand to the face would fetch a red card.But nothing happened tonight,” said Wueck looking visibly angry.

The coach said Germany were the better team in the first half and if he has to criticize, it would be that they didn’t get the second goal in the first half.

Brazil coach Carlos Amadeus said Weverson has lost his position in the starting lineup but “that’s the beauty of football. He has the personality to get there and risk everything with that shot.It made a beautiful goal,” he said.

Steering clear of the refereeing controversy a la Arsene Wenger, Amadeu though pointed out that Brazil have won the Fair Play trophy both at the South American championships this year and when these boys were under-15. If something like this has happened, I will speak to the players, he said.


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