Getting cosy is one thing; but is your relationship worthy of taking seriously, find out here

Well it is not unusual to be tempted anymore because such is the exposure to opposite sex nowadays that it is easy to get comfortable with many for some time at least. But that should not be mistaken to be love or start of a serious relationship.Hence, it better be serious for you and your partner both as anything less could end you up in serious disappointment rather than relationship. So out of experience, here are some of the useful insights to help you decide.

1. How well do you know him/her?

What if your friends introduced the both of you? Would that be good enough to merit your potential partner’s character and commitment? Not really, since what you want in a person and the parameters by which you judge a person might be different from the way your friends assess people. The best way to get to know someone is to spend more time with them, and romantic relationships are no different. Also, it’s a good idea to spend time with him/her, when he/she is with their family and friends to understand them better.

2. Can I trust her/him?

Trust is a huge thing in a relationship. If there’s no trust, there’s nothing. You will eventually share private matters with your partner, so you need to ask yourself whether you feel comfortable discussing intimate information, and maybe even secrets, with her/him. You don’t want to worry about her/him spilling the beans about you later on.

3. Are we comfortable when quiet?

Your partner needs to be able to enjoy the silences you share. So once again, spend more time with them to get to know this.

4. Am I genuinely attracted to him/her?

It’s easy to be drawn to someone because of his/her looks. But the real question is, do you like them for the person they are? If the answer is no, it will not work.

5. Does she/he accept me for who I am?

If she/he wants too many changes in you, then it might be better to wait before making things serious. She/he should love you for who and what you are. Of course, trying to improve you as a person and helping you is all good, but if she/he wants to change most things about you, then take it as a sign that you two aren’t meant to be together.

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