Girl beaten up for ‘dating’ Muslim man, heres what happened

The case is of Uttar Pradesh's Meerut

In a shocking case, police personnel were seen assaulting a woman for allegedly being in a relationship with a Muslim man.

The case is of Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut.


However, as the video went viral, the cops seen assaulting the woman have now been suspended.

In the 29-second video, the woman can be seen sitting between a woman constable and another male constable in a police vehicle.

It is alleged that in the video shot by the cop sitting in the driver’s seat, the cops can be heard asking her why she is “dating a Muslim man when there are so many Hindu men around”.

The questions and mocking lead to thrashing by the woman constable, who then removes the scarf used by the woman to cover her face.

It is said that a group of men, allegedly from the right-wing organization, had barged into the home of a Muslim medical student when he was studying with the woman, who was also his classmate.

The protestors then manhandled and handed over to the police.

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