Girl jumps off train to escape molestation and after stop chain ‘failed’

Famous for its cosmopolitan culture, a 14-year-old girl in the ladies compartment of the running train faced molestation to the extent that she first tried to pull the chain and when that failed, she jumped off the train. Although she survived, she did receive fractures and head injuries as consequence. According to reports, the girl student of standard VIII boarded the Kalyan-bound train at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) at 9.30 am on Sunday. She said, “When I boarded the train, the ladies compartment was empty. Just when the train started moving, a man in a pink T-shirt boarded the compartment. I told him to get down, as it was the ladies compartment. I also tried to pull the emergency stop chain. I put all my strength into it, but the chain wouldn’t budge. He started moving towards me and was telling me to shut up.”
She said that she then realized of having no option but to jump off the moving train that had just crossed the CSMT. She spoke of having first witnessed some of the Railway workers nearby and then jumped finally.
The gangmen on the tracks called the Government Railway Police (GRP), who took her to the nearby St  George Hospital. The fall had fractured her heel and injured her on the head and hand. Her broken foot was placed in a plaster cast, and she received 20 stitches on her head.  On watching the CCTV footage, the cops found that the accused was roaming around at the station for 15 minutes, only boarding the train when it was leaving the platform.

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