Girl wrestlers get to ‘Dangal’ in old styled Akhada in Varanasi

Apart from being a blockbuster, ‘Dangal’ may be credited with bringing about this marvelous change in how wrestling goes about in ancient ‘Akhadas’ around the country. Some of the girls became so inspired from the flick that they now practice the intricate details of ‘Kushti’ or wrestling in the old styled Akhada or practice ground of Varanasi. Incidentally, Varanasi is also the parliamentary constituency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Astha and Nandini are two such girls who wrestle it out everyday now in Tulsi Akhada of Varanasi. Both of these girls are state level wrestlers but admit that they were missing out on the experiences of fighting it out on the Akhada soil. Then they talked with the Tulsi Akhada coach Mahant who agreed to allowing them after some deliberations.

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Girl wrestlers get to 'Dangal' in old styled Akhada in Varanasi
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