Global YouTube outage Naturally moved to Twitter where users shared their Best Memes

YouTube gets its share of memes during global outage.

When a social platform goes down, the alternative lights up like crazy. Following YouTube’s major global outage this morning, users online made the most of it with their memes.

YouTube was down for over an hour early this morning. While it may not have affected a lot of users in India considering the early timing, users in other countries couldn’t access the service.

YouTube along with YouTube TV and YouTube Music weren’t working for users. The mobile app along with the web versions were affected by the still unidentified issue.

Facebook and Instagram outages are common but it doesn’t end there. The drama is continued on Twitter which becomes a host of memes and jokes for these outages.

Considering YouTube’s very rare presence in the outage group, the memes that followed will surely crack you up. There’s already a top search on Twitter for “Youtube is down memes”.

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