GoAir Flight Lands on Grass at Bengaluru,Pilot Suspended

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has ordered an inquiry

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation, has ordered an inquiry after an Airbus A320 commercial jet flown by GoAir was forced to execute an unorthodox and dangerous take-off from Bengaluru International Airport in poor weather conditions.

The A320 jet had taken off from Nagpur on Monday with a reported 180 people on board and was scheduled to land in Bengaluru later the same day. However, on landing the plane began veering off the runway and onto the grass-covered strip of land on one side of the runway.


At this point the pilot increased engine speed and was, fortunately, able to take off. The plane then proceeded to Hyderabad, its diversionary airport, where it landed safely.

All passengers were safe and the crew of the plane has been grounded. In addition, the pilot of the plane, who is an expat, has now been suspended.

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