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Gokaran Patil is an artist from Chhattisgarh. Born without hands, he paints beautiful pictures with his feet.

Where there is a will, there is a way. Gokaran Patil from Chhattisgarh is a fine example of this proverb and you will learn more about him in this article. IAS Officer Priyanka Shukla posted a video of Gokaran Patil on Twitter and his story will inspire you for sure.

Gokaran Patil was born without hands but that did not stop him from working towards his passion. He paints stunning artwork with the help of his feet.

In the short clip that Priyanka Shukla posted, Gokaran Patil’s paintings were put on display while he was also seen painting a beautiful picture on paper. He held a brush between his toes and dipped it in paint before creating a picture.

“In this video, Gokaran Patil from Chhattisgarh is painting a beautiful picture. He was born without hands but irrespective of that, he works tirelessly every day and creates artwork with his feet. Gokaran Patil is a huge source of inspiration for those who give up after going through every little circumstance in life,” Priyanka Shukla said in the caption of her post in Hindi.


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