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Gold and Silver prices today goes up on 9 July 2020

Gold and silver prices today, 9 July 2020: Gold prices in India have gone up for the second day in the Indian markets on Thursday following the increase in international markets. On MCX, August gold futures were increased by Rs. 310 to Rs. 50,160 per 10 gram while the Silver futures on MCX were flat at Rs. 50,020per kg with an increase of Rs. 820. If we look at the gold prices at major centres in the country, here are the prices.

The gold prices in Bangalore have increased by Rs. 300 per ten gram of 22 carat taking the price to Rs. 46,000 and Rs. 310 increased to Rs. 50,160 per ten gram of 24 carat gold

In Hyderabad, the gold prices have hiked by Rs. 370 per ten gram of 22 carat to Rs. 46,780 while the price of 24 carats remained at Rs. 50,990 with a hike of Rs. 370. The gold prices have also been increased in Kerala by Rs. 250 per ten grams of 22 carat taking the price to Rs. 45,400 and rate of ten-gram of 24 carat also hiked by Rs. 150 to Rs. 49,400.

The gold rates in Visakhapatnam have stood at Rs. 46,780 and Rs. 50,990 per ten gram of 22 carat and 24 carat.

City 22 carat Gold (10gms) 24 carat Gold (10gms) Silver (1kg)
Bangalore Rs. 46,000 Rs. 50,160 Rs.50,020
Hyderabad Rs. 46,780 Rs. 50,990 Rs.50,020
Kerala Rs. 45,400 Rs. 49,400 Rs.50,020
Vizag Rs. 46,780 Rs. 50,990 Rs.50,020


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