It is learned through sources that PNB might comeover the mess within 6 months.

The worst is over for PNB and it will come out of the mess created by the Nirav Modi fraud case in six months.

biggest fraud of banking industry will end soon within 6 months calculations said.
EVERYONE knows PNB was hit by the 13000 crores recently perpetrated by billionaire diamantaire Nirav Modi and his associates in connivance with some officials of a branch of the bank in Mumbai.
everyone supported the bank and including government of india.
it is known from the sources that PNB will soon turn the stones and will be back in form in the coming 6 months

being a 123 yr old institution a fraud cannot shake their trust and loyalty towards customers,customers stakeholders are still with them in their bad times.

even in this phase bank has performed well adding that credit has witnessed a growth rate of about 10%, in line with the guidance that was shared with investors.

in addition to this, the bank has recorded a growth of 6.2%.

they have grown in line with industry and even during difficult days it was business as usual.
even the old customers are returning back to them which is a good news for PNB
they are ready to bounce back as a bad situation always make someone a better person.

through the sources we came to know that comeback of PNB- the bank is going to reform the credit processes by dividing it into four verticals — sourcing, processing, monitoring and recovery. All these will be a separate compartment so that the risk is mitigated. Besides, he said, the bank has launched ‘Mission Parivartan’ to realign all business processes to meet present day requirements.
all set to go PNB india is with you….keep supporting keep going!
we are ready to witness a high comeback.

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