Goof Up: Kiran Bedi shares video of ‘old lady dancing’; mistakenly identified her to be Modi’s mother

It was Diwali time and thus social media messages were humongous at least in numbers but as it happens, some of the messages go viral in good faith even if the relevance and credibility of these messages have not been proven.

IT is in this context that Puducherry Lieutenant Governor and former IPS officer Kiran Bedi who was in a festive mood shared a video on Friday of an old lady dancing to a Navratri song thinking it was Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mother Hiraben Modi.

Bedi who lauded the old lady’s spirit for her celebratory Diwali dance took to microblogging site Twitter and wrote, “Spirit of Deepavali at tender age of 97.

This heart-warming video resonated with many on the platform who were convinced that it was, in fact, Modi’s mother were quick to share the video and in time the tweet got retweeted 5k times on the site.


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