‘GOT’ creators denies Season 7 screenings to critics

If you are worried that some really important scene of Season seven of ‘GOT’ will get leaked just before the premiere of new season takes place, then we might have some good news for you.

According to The Independent, HBO once again has denied the critics of any advance screenings of new upcoming season of ‘Game of Thrones’.

Screeners of Season six were also withheld after the first four episodes of fifth season were leaked and the episodes surfaced the internet just days before the season premiered.

Nowadays, previews are given to the critics so that they can develop a detailed review of it.

For example, Netflix gave the access of the entire season to the critics almost a month before it dropped.

Thrones is HBO’s most popular series of all time, the most expensive show on television, the world’s most illegally downloaded series.

This year, the season finale will clock in at a whopping 81 minutes, making it the longest finale episode in ‘GOT’s history.

Season Seven of ‘ Game of Thrones’ premieres on HBO on July 16.

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