GoT Theory: Sansa Stark will get married to THIS character in GoT season 7

Since the second trailer of Game of Thrones released the fans have been awaiting the show’s arrival and simultaneously there are some theories also doing the rounds like every year. The fans are going to insane lengths to predict what will happen in Season 7. While there were reports about Sophie Turner who plays Sansa Stark to have quite a badass part to play in the upcoming season and fan theory has just managed to get all of us thinking.

As the show is just 18 days away, a fan theory suggests that JON SNOW AND SANSA STARK MIGHT GET MARRIED!

According to the fan theory, since it was revealed in season 6 that Jon is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen and hence is Sansa’s cousin, on finding the truth about his parentage, a marriage between the two wouldn’t be looked down upon. And the two seem to agree to do so as per the theory is because they want to solidify their hold in the North and also lay a stronger claim on the whole of Westros.

And while their marriage would not go down well with Peter Baelish aka Littlefinger he would start manipulating Sansa which would lead to Jon getting Littlefinger thrown in the dungeons after which there are possibilities of Arya getting Littlefinger executed.

However, there are some other theories which suggest that Jon will get married to Daenerys thus completing the Song of Ice and Fire. Well, we will have to see what will actually happen.

Season 7 premiers on 16th July and we already can’t wait.

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