Government does not consider film industry workers as human beings

By: Liyakat Shah- clipper28

Mumbai: Workers leader Surjit Singh says, Workers of the film field of the arts are still compelled to live under conditions like tal bandhis means lock down.

Where the Prime Minister of India gave a package of 20 lakh crores,advising all the countrymen to be self-dependent,then almost every worker of the country.


The area was strengthened,but even the small workers of the film world are untouched by this package.The government did talk for small workers but only the big entrepreneurs who are taking full advantage of the package.

In such a situation,the workers leader Surjit Singh has appealed to the government that the government should consider these small workers as human beings and make some special arrangements for them.

These workers are the foundation of development of the country and due to such lock down conditions these foundations are getting weaker day by day.

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