Government’s emphasis will be on ‘Triple Talaq’ in the budget session

In the budget session that begins today, Parliament has become a whole host to the struggle between the Power and opposition. In the all-party meeting on Sunday, the opposition along with the government also gave a clear indication of it.

The government has made it clear that despite its opposition, it will not leave any core work to pass the Triple Talaq bills from the Rajya Sabha.

At the same time, Congress and other opposition parties indicated to the government three tactics as well as a strategy to encompass the latest issues.

There will be a meeting of opposition parties before the session today. In Parliament, the issue of communal violence can also be raised in Kasganj of UP. Let us tell you about the issues between the government and the opposition in the budget session.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday demanded cooperation from the opposition to make the budget session successful in the all-party meeting, but its hopes are poor. On the issue of three divorces, the opposition, along with the government, is also sticking to its stand.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar clarified that Triple Talaq bills are at the top of the government’s priority list. Ananth Kumar said that the opposition should show consensus like GST in the case of Triple Talaq bills.

He rejected the demand of opposition parties to send Bill to the Selected Committee. Ananth Kumar said that this bill is now the property of the Rajya Sabha.

The Rajya Sabha will decide only about this. It is clear from the government’s stand that on the Triple Talaq, there will again be roaring in the Rajya Sabha.

These issues can also be done on the government’s siege

1.The opposition can ask questions from the Center on the incidents of rape in Haryana.

2.The question of giving Rahul Gandhi a seat in the last line on Republic Day can also be raised.

3.UP issue of violence in Kasganj may also be overwhelming.

4.Samajwadi Party can raise issues of farmers and unemployment of youth.

5.The opposition of Karni Sena on Padmaavt can also echo in the Parliament.

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