Govt clarifies on break down of India’s first semi high speed train

India’s first semi high speed train Vande Bharat express train successfully completed its inaugural run from Delhi to Varanasi on 15th Feb 2018.

It is scheduled to start its commercial run from 17th Feb from Delhi. During the transportation back from Varanasi it was stopped at Chamraula station of National Capital Region, about 18 kms after crossing Tundla station.

There was an issue of communication between the last basic unit of 4 coaches and the rest of the train probably due to some external hit.

Thereafter, safety features in the train applied brakes. The train was checked for faults and moved to Delhi.

The train has been examined at New Delhi maintenance depot to rectify the defect in communication that occurred enroute.

All other systems of the train have also been thoroughly examined.

The train will be able to run as per schedule on 17th Feb. Indian Railways looks forward to welcoming passengers in this historic journey.

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