Govt made public crucial info on National Highways

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is primarily responsible for development and maintenance of National Highways (NHs) in the country.

The total length of NHs has been enhanced from about 91,287 km as on 31.03.2014 to about 1,31,326 km at present. Further, the Ministry has approved In-Principle declaration of about 53,031 km length of State roads as new NHs subject to outcome of the Detailed Project Reports (DPRs).

The total lengths of NH-333, NH-114A and NH-133 are about 161 km (Bihar – 141 km, Jharkhand- 20 km), 311.60 km (Jharkhand – 298 km, West Bengal -13.60 km) and 134 km (Bihar – 11 km, Jharkhand – 123 km) respectively.

Projects in about 59 km (Bihar – 39 km, Jharkhand – 20 km) and 156.90 km (Jharkhand) length have been taken up on NH-333 and NH-114A respectively. Of which about 32 km (Bihar – 12 km, Jharkhand – 20 km) and 63.4 km (Jharkhand) have been completed on these NHs respectively.

Project in about 48 km (Bihar – 11 km, Jharkhand – 37 km) taken up on NH-133 have been completed. Projects in about 27 km (Bihar), 93.5 km (Jharkhand) on NH-333, NH-114A respectively are in various stages of progress; these are now targeted for completion in a phased manner by February, 2020.

National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) had invited bids for projects for widening to four lanes of Pirpaiti (km 1.7) – Gandhigram (km 50.80) – Hansdiha (km 95.77) of NH-133 in the State of Jharkhand under two packages (Package 1: km 1.7 – 50.8; Package 2: km 50.8 – 95.77) on 22.08.2017 and 26.09.2017 respectively with extended bid due dates as 24.01.2018 and 08.01.2018 respectively in anticipation of completion of pre-construction activities in the intervening period.

However, due to development concerning allotment of coal block affecting 20 km of package alignment, the alignment of both the packages is under review by NHAI in consultation with Bharat Coking Coal Ltd. (BCCL), Eastern Coalfields Ltd. (ECL), State Government of Jharkhand and other Stake holders.

It is premature to indicate any time frame for development of the stretch at this stage pending finalization of its revised alignment, land acquisition plan and Detailed Project Report (DPR) in mutual consultation with the stakeholders.

The bids for project for widening to two lane and strengthening of NH – 114A between km 141 and 184 could not be finalized as the matter is subjudice in the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi.

Balance length of about 102 km of NH-333 in Bihar and 154.7 km length of NH-114A (Jharkhand – 141.10 km, West Bengal – 13.60 km) are being maintained in traffic worthy conditions as per inter-se priority and availability of funds.

The total length of NHs in the State of Jharkhand has been enhanced from about 2,968 km as on 31.03.2014 to about 3,367 km at present. Further, about 2,092 km length of State roads for the State of Jharkhand have been approved “In-Principle” for their declaration as new NHs subject to outcome of their DPRs. Initiatives have also been taken up for preparation of these DPRs.

The stretches of State roads connecting Madhupur-Loharjori, Bagodar – Saria – Dhanwar – Jamua – Chakai – Jasdeeh – Deoghar and Chatra – Teesri – Gawan – Satgawan – Gobindpur – Fatehpur Mod have been approved “ In-Principle” for declaration as new NHs subject to outcome of their DPRs. Further, two nos. of works under Central Road Fund (CRF) Scheme have been sanctioned in the Pataldih – Deori-Gawan- Satgawan section in total length of about 73 km for total estimated costs of Rs. 164.47 crore.

The alignment of NH-333A has been extended from Godda upto junction with NH-133A near Pakur in the State of Jharkhand via Suderpahari, Litipara vide notification dated 19.09.2018. Process has been initiated for preparation of its DPR.

NHAI is in advanced stage of finalization of the DPR for development of Munger – Mirzachowki section of NH-80 (new NH-33) between km 65 to km 190 in the State of Bihar to four lane standards including Bhagalpur bypass, of which Kahalgaon-Mirza Chowki is a part. Barahat is connected with Kahalgaon – Mirza Chowki section of NH-33 via NH-133, which has already been widened to two lane with paved shoulders in March, 2017.

This information was given by Union Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways Shri Mansukh L Mandaviya in a statement in the Lok Sabha today.

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