Govt said this on population that receives ration at low price on monthly basis

Ration at concessional rates is being provided to 75 percent population of the state under the Public Distribution System.

According to the census year 2011, 62.61 percent (One crore 25 lakh 59 thousand 357) population of urban area and 80.10 percent (4 crore 20 lakh 82 thousand 857) population of rural area has been linked with this scheme.

In this way, a total of 75.26 percent (5 crore 46 lakh 42 thousand 214) people of the state are being benefitted by this scheme. A total of 2.90 lakh MT food grains are being distributed at the rate of Re. One per k.g. through 24 thousand 170 ration shops every month.

According to the information received from the Director Food and Civil Supplies, food grains are supplied under 24 categories in urban and rural areas.

He informed that wheat, rice and iodine salt too at the rate of Re. One per k.g is provided to One lakh 65 lakh families under Antodaya Parivar, 6 lakh 48 thousand families under B.P.L., 7 lakh 60 thousand families registered under the Bhavan evam Anya Sannirman Karyakaar Madal,

35 thousand families of Cycle Rickshaw Chalak Kalyan and Thela Chalak, 3 lakh 28 thousand families of Samajik Suraksha Pension, 3 lakh 87 thousand families of Mukhya Mantri Mazdoor Suraksha, 90 thousand 307 families of Domestic Help, 28 thousand 562 families of hawkers category, 19
thousand 991 families of Forest rights lease holders, 553 coolies registered in railways,

16 thousand hammals and tulawati, 8 thousand 520 families of labourers of closed mills, 65 thousand 154 families of Bidi Shramik Kalyan Nidhi, 3142 bhoomiheen kotwaars, 8 thousand 204 families registered under

Kutir evam Gramodyog, one lakh 25 thousand 567 families of kesh shilpi category, 30 thousand families under Bahuviklang, 545 AIDS affected persons, 17 lakh 48 thousand families, residents of Madhya Pradesh

of scheduled caste who are employees but are not income tax payers and 5 thousand 627 families of registered commercial motor drivers/conductors.

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