Govt wakes up to ‘Blue Whale’ menace; issues advisory to parents

Amidst rising challenge of ‘Blue Whale’ challenge game that has spread its tentacles across the country, the government has issued advisory for the parents to monitor their children’s online and social media activity to ensure that they are not engaging with the deadly game as it led to surge in suicides in India and other countries.

The advisory also asked them not to talk about the game “unless there is reason to believe your child already knows of or has played the game” as discussing it may “increase the chance that your child will search for it on their own”. The advisory issued by the ministry of electronics and IT.

“Blue whale game is clearly abetment to suicide. It is understood through various internet reports that it is shared among secretive groups on social media networks. The creators seek out their players/victims who are in depression and send them an invitation to join,” said the advisory dated September 13.

It has suggested that guardians be attentive if they notice unusually secretive behaviour, mostly related to their online activity of their child.

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