Govt working hard to restore faith of people towards health services: Singhdeo

Raipur: The Health Minister TS Singhdeo and PCC State President Mohan Markam releasing the report prepared on tour to Supebeda during term of Bhupesh Baghel as PCC President on 18 June 2018 said that to restore faith and confidence of people on health services the Bhupesh Baghel’s government has taken various measures.

Out of some of the decisions is to upgrade sub-health centre in Supebeda into PHC and deputing expert doctor are some of them. The leader duo said that to provide relief to residents of Supebeda, a massive drinking water project has been prepared and its tender will be released shortly, so that the residents of this region can be freed of drinking water with heavy metals. It was on Oct 2, on occasion of 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the Health Minister had been to Supebeda and after taking over of Congress government in the state, the Bhupesh Baghel government is committed about its workplan for Supebeda and the works done so far.

For proper movement of traffic, residents of Supebeda have demanded a bridge on Telnadi and it has been granted sanction. Singhdeo and Markam charged that it was during term of erstwhile BJP led government that this disease from drinking metal-rich water spread drastically and no steps were taken to control the same. It is due to carelessness on part of Raman government that people of Supebeda have lost faith and confidence of Health Department, Singhdeo alleged.

The leader duo held the BJP government responsible for more than 70 deaths in Supebeda and Singhdeo and Markam claimed that the Congress led government in state is working with full commitment and responsibility to save lives of people in Supebeda. Raising political questions by the former Raman government involved in cataract scam and sterilization scam, the leader duo said that today the major work before the Congress government is to restore faith of general public towards the health department and for which the Baghel’s government is working strenuously.

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