Greatest Achievements of India Since Independence

Since Independence, the'Greatest Achievements of India'

Greatest Achievements of India Since Independence that no one has noticed. Here is the achievements:

1) Journey of India from 1947 to 2018

Twice invaded by foreigners, ripped off its wealthy glory, facing the agony of partition, punctured by numerous anti-national elements, yet standing strong in the face of all & that’s India for the world.

2) What we started with?

A country that today comes across as a strong powerful, developing nation has achieved and lost so many things in its journey; India has come a long way since its Independence on August 15, 1947.

3) Notions about India

No matter how, intolerant people think my country is, or how patient it is in the times of real aggressive calling, I still admire for the strength that it displays into harboring the needs of its countrymen.

4) India’s growth

There still might be a lot of scope for infrastructure, better education and economic policies, foreign and defense strategies, even thought-process of certain section of society, but you cannot ignore the developments that led us to make a mark in numerous areas at global level.

5) Happy 71st Independence Day

As we enter into our 70th year of Independence, I am going to ignore things that are yet to be achieved and would concentrate on the achievements that we made. I compiled some of the silent achievements of India that most people close their eyes to….

6) Food Grain production

Right after independence, India majorly imported food grains and depended upon international food aid up to mid-1960s. Today India has self sufficiency in food production and exports various food grains. We are largest producers of fresh fruits, milk, pulses and oil seeds, sunflower seeds and second largest producers of wheat, rice, sugarcane, potato, tea, cotton etc., in the world.

7) Eradication of epidemics and polio

We have successfully eradicated various epidemics and Polio from our nation. Life expectancy grew up to be 68.89 years, which was only 32 years at the time of independence. This is one of the major achievement taking into account that we comprise 17% of world population.

8) Indian Armed Forces

India is one of four largest military powers in the world today, and has got one of most sophisticated missile programs in the world.

9) First voting after India’s independence

We are the only nation in the world which gave every adult the right to vote from its first day. In the US, the world’s second largest democracy this right was given more than 150 years after their independence.

10) Union of Indian princely states

Just after re-birth, we executed the world’s largest merger and acquisition activity, when 560 small princely states joined (merged) into the Union of India; neither any blood drop was spilled nor was any bullet fired.

11) Diverse languages

We have the most number of languages spoken in any one nation; 29 languages are spoken in India, by more than one million people each. Canada almost broke up into two in 1960’s because of tension between English and French.

12) Unity and Integrity

Despite such a vast diversity we are a single nation and this feeling of unity is increasing with each passing day.

13) Space program and defense program

Despite having almost nil self-reliance on defense technology and space technology, today we are one of the most advance nations in this field. Indians have been able to develop one of the most envious space programs in the world started in the year 1969 after their independence .To this day, we launched various space programs including Lunar and Mars mission, and on way to commercially launch satellites of developed nations at very low cost, all thanks to Indian Space Research Organization.

14) Technical Education & Digital India

Since independence India has been developing its technical education sector steadfastly. This resulted into our green revolution, resulting in increase of our food grain production more than four times, our independent space programs, eradication of epidemics and our envious IT sector.

15) Religious tolerance

Despite having such diversity in terms of religions and cultures, and many elements working round the clock to create disturbance among them, our nation remains by far the largest one to have people living peacefully with each other, something worth appreciating.

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