Health Consciousness amongst Youth-part 2

This blog will give the basic details to all gym lovers.

This is the short extended blog of the article we dealt few days before about health consciousness in which we talked about why health is wealth as well as what is the difference in the life style-today as well as before. We even talked about the common mistakes health conscious people do which if they ignore will have a good health, further we added what debarred one from not building a good body, etc
If you haven’t read it read it now in the blog column.
Today we will talk more about all this.

As stated earlier craze of gym is increasing day by day so here we are with some of the basic information a gym going person should know or a person who is thinking to join the gym should know.
Starting with the most basic
The health of a person is determined by
1- 25% gym workout
2- 70% diet one follows, and
3- 5% rest.
——–as stated by MR. TUSHAR TIWARI

MR. tushar also added that need of gym is increasing due to increase in physical issues and stress among individuals.
While sharing the experience as a trainer he stated that warm up, stretching is very important for all those who wants to maintain weight, loose weight or increase weight.
Amount of workout depends upon the purpose which differs from individual to individual.
According to him diet plays the most important role if you are giving your 100% in gym but not maintain the proper diet then nothing can help you out.

He suggested that everyone should consult the trainer and ask the benefits of what he or she is doing. One should not depend fully on what people are saying or should not force the trainer to teach him to build a body looking at those photos on social media, it also depends upon the personal appetite.
Supplements should only be taken when one is not getting the natural diet. Basic understanding of carbohydrates , fats and protein is very important.

At last he suggested that soya rajma and paneer are the good source of protein and healthy fats.
The oil we use in our kitchen should be replaced by soya oil or olive oil or butter or ghee.


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