Hackers looking to hack into your facebook account; here’s what you can do

One of the most popular social media platforms Facebook usually hosts many a memories of ours including some of very personal ones’. Now it is thus obvious that many hackers would want access to it for various reasons. So what can we as normal account holders do to prevent out facebook account from getting hacked.

The hacker might attempt to reset the password and for which he/she might be looking for access to your gmail login, password. Thus one can make it difficult for the hacker by making personal and gmail related information as limited as possible.

Another very popular method is that of ‘keylogger’ where in the software records all the keyboard inputs of the user and then passes it on to the hacker. For this kind of threat, a proper firewall would suffice and provide good enough security.

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Hackers looking to hack into your facebook account; here's what you can do
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