Harassment of Indian diplomats in Pakistan

Harassment of envoys in Pakistan on government radar

Govt is keeping a close watch on the incidents of alleged harassment of Indian diplomats in Pakistan.

Delhi is particularly worried that Indian diplomats have been harassed by ISI and police in the past one year. The harassment, which has been going on for over a year, has been brought to the attention of the Pakistani government, but the circumstances haven’t changed, persons familiar with the matter said.

ndian diplomats have always been closely monitored and followed by ISI in Islamabad and elsewhere in Pakistan, but situation has turned worse in recent years, one of the persons quoted above hinted. Last month there were intrusions into the complex of Indian High Commission in Islamabad and utilities were switched off, sources said.

Pakistani behaviour is in contravention of 1961 Vienna Convention, experts on the subject pointed out.

Indian high commissioner had met Pakistan foreign secretary on February 16 to lodge a strong protest against multiple acts of hooliganism against Indian properties and personnel.

A person familiar with Indo-Pak ties said: “Let us see how it plays out in the coming months.”


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