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Haryana to set up PG hostel for cows, heres more on the idea

With state and national elections fast approaching, the Haryana Bharatiya Janata Party government is contemplating a new idea. That of establishing hostels for cows and buffaloes. The idea has been christened as “PG hostels for cows and buffaloes” in all its major towns with pilot project planned to be started from Hisar.

According to Animal Husbandry Minister Om Prakash Dhankar, the government would set up “PG hostels” on 50-100 acres land in major towns in Haryana for cattle, in order to aid people living in these urban areas to rear cows and produce milk. Explaining the idea, Dhankar said, “If someone is living on a 10th floor apartment, one should not be deprived of cow milk and the joy of rearing a cow. With this facility, anyone living in a city can also rear their own cows. Moreover these hostels would also help those who wish to do ‘gau seva’ for their religious rights.”

Haryana Gau Seva Aayog Chairman, Bhani Ram Mangla has meanwhile claimed that the proposal to start cow hostels was originally made by Gau Seva Aayog. He said, “There is a slight change in what we had proposed earlier. We had proposed hostels for cows, but the government wants it both for cows and buffaloes. In fact, we came up with the idea of a ‘hostel’ and the government has given it the name of a PG hostel.”

However, Dhankar refutes the Gau Seva Aayog claim saying, “Gau Seva Ayog wanted to start pashu awas near villages and not for urban people. But this initiative will have PG hostels developed near cities on 50-100 acre land.”

Dhankar also said that they might start from “Hisar as there is enough space available there” and added that people in Nangal Chaudhary are also willing to give space to the government for the initiative.

Meanwhile, INLD leader Abhay Chautala mocked the initiative and said, “We had only heard of PG for people. Isn’t it bizarre for cows to stay in PGs? Here, human beings do not have a place to stay and they’re planning to have PG accommodations for cows. It is just a publicity stunt.”

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Haryana to set up PG hostel for cows, heres more on the idea
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