Health consciousness amongst Youth

Everyone that you surround may talk about being fat,slim,healthy,unhealthy, the point of discussion is why people are getting so much involved in this nowadays.

You might have heard about “HEALTH IS WEALTH”,but what constitutes to a healthy body? is that your weight? your height? your metabolism? eating habits? timing of when where and how you eat? physical movements you do?
the answer to this question says that all contributes equally.
A persons health is decided by all these factors.

NEED-the need for running to gym now a days urges due to the change in life style. 100 years before our forefathers dint hit the gym but were extremely fit just because they prefered healthy food and healthy living with no contaminations as well as they did a lot of physical work but now a days everyone has sedentary work style,thus a lot of fats are added to our body day by day and at last doctor forces us to reduce our weight if we do not want any serious health issues.And here self motivation is the only key which could help you out,no youtube video or motivational speaker can.

Now we will talk about them who are not able to build the muscle,their might be several reasons including-
1-not getting enough calories.
2-not eating the right food.
3-not having enough meals or water.
4-wrong form or technique of exercise.
5-get enough rest and sleep,etc.

Mistakes that health conscious people do includes-
Drinking too much of juices.
Not reading labels and eating processed foods.
Not getting enough fat or protein.
Relying on supplements,etc.
Don’t set your routine looking to your peers instead evaluate yourself,your needs,as the bad or good will affect your body not anybody else.
Being fat or slim do not matters what matters is your appetite.

So this trend of being healthy is the need nowadays looking towards the standard of living of the people but as said earlier having a good physical attire do not constitute towards health one should maintain a proper diet,routine,exercise,etc to be healthy,energetic,fresh all day long.
So eat healthy,stay healthy.

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