Here is a story with unexpected twists and turns

So much so that they had two girls only and both gave them utmost attention to their well being

By Kishore Tare

Till they reached middle age, Raman and Sonali were very busy and happy in their life.

So much so that they had two girls only and both gave them utmost attention to their well being.

Both girls were beautiful and clever. They were also passing with good marks and both got post graduation in science.

While elder girl Preeti started applying for job. The day exam off MSC was over and in the month or two gave interview for different post.

Finally she got a job as science teacher and got to Rajnandgaon.

In one year a teacher of same school proposed her and finally she got married so smoothly life was going on and they were expecting the same smoothness from the younger daughter Padma.

But life and behavior of everyone is not same, Padma was also passed MSC but she went on applying
for over seas post and one year she got a job in Saudi Arabia.

When husband wife heard about it, they were afraid and went on opposing for leaving the country but one evening a young ,smart boy came to their house, around 8,o clock and told the two of them with Padma also there that he wants to marry Padma.

He said ‘we both ar in love’.

While at first it was a shock for the parents and they grilled Padma about it ; then in reply, Padma went near by the young man and touching him said “yes mother and father , I am also in love with Manish and if you allow me to marry him ; I will remain in India or else with sad heart “I will go to Saudi”.

While Manish touched the feet of parents and said “ I will come tomorrow evening ,kindly think about it . If you do not allow the marriage. I will be very sorry. And if you don’t allow marriage, young Padma wil go outside
India, all alone. Please think over “

Now dear reader, was there any choice before the old couple?

What sensible parent will allow his daughter to get married and settle in India rather then allowing unmarried young daughter to go outside .

So, next day permission was granted and padma and manish got married in November 2017. Mother, father, Raman and Sonali elder daughter Preeti and Basant and Padma and Manish were very happy.

One or two months passed and their was shocking news that Manish also got job in the same company where padma was offered the job and as such now , both newly married will go to Saudi Arabia .

Same condition sir can we do anything except giving [permission ? and finally Padma and her husband left country .now only Raman and Sonali were in the house Raman was loving Padma very much and he was very sorry about her
absence in the house .

Now he was keeping quiet and Sonali was afraid of his depressed mood . She said “there are many such girls , like padma in our town , please look at them as your daughter try to be cheerful and except that now padma has left us.

Slowly by march april 2018 Ramans behavior changed and he said that your advice is correct there are
two three young girls like Padma in my office and now I feel by seeing them that Padma is in front of me
slowly he became cheerful and then he started coming late from the office.

In 2018 he told Sonali that he has to go head office to Bombay for a week and may be stay for 10 days. He Packed best dresses and after loving his wife went out with her departing kiss.

Sonali didn’t wonder that something else is going on but when one day preeti inform that she is present
and that papa’s phone is not responding sonali went to raman’s office there she got a shocking news
that they watched no work in Bombay office and actually Raman and a young girl Revati have taken leave
and they are moving in different hill stations.

Crest fallen sonali came home and went on crying every half n hour she was ringing to raman and there was no answer. Again she went to Raman’s office and asked the staffed about Revati’s phone no.

All were sorry for Sonali and were angry with Raman.

So the girl rang to Revati and asked her about Raman.

The phone was on speaker and Revati and Raman were laughing. Then they were told that Mrs. Raman is here near he said dear Sonali I am coming soon and will explain you everything. Almost in tears Sonali came back home.

When both the daughters were ringing and asking the well being Sonali was telling all is okay and your
papa is on tour. He will ring you after reaching home. When Raman came he calmly removed his court
and tie and told sonali that now don’t start shouting and wiping for what I have done. Give me water
and a cup of tea very angry sonali controlled herself gave a smile and gave tea to Raman.

She then kept quite. After lunch she asked Raman to explain and he said I was going in depression I want love of Padma and when I found Revati I fell for her as a father she is from poor family and she said I want to enjoy
going out with somebody to visit places there is no body to take me and no money also.

I will be glad and give you good company if you take me like your daughter Padma. But keep my going with you as secret because bhabhi ji will make noise and she will not understand that we are father and daughter So I took
her in my arms and we went out on tour.

She was youthful and I was losing control when with her. No since Padma went out a body connect was nice in home for the last three hour or months and then in the tour we simply enjoyed each other like a husband and wife. Now fully satisfied I have came back and I swear in the name of god and in the name of Padma that I am again you Raman only. Happy in body and please excuse me Sonali. I am ready for any punishment.

Sonali heard everything coolly and there was silence of around five minutes . Then she asked after
enjoying any other girl any other body you became happy again and can became pure again is it true?

Raman became very happy he said ‘ this was the best way best remedies to overcome sorrow” Dear then
Sonali said then now, I may also go on 10 days tour with a young friend of 25 year and will come back
pure and happy.

You may take it as a punishment or obedient wife following your footsteps. I think it is
okay for you and when inside. Dump Raman was sitting like a fool seeing the door when Sonali went.

So great readers, it is a good punishment a fitting reply is isn’t it.

Kishore Tare is a national record holder and has world record in literature. Lives in Rohinipuram of Raipur

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