Heres how India reacted to World Bank report on HCI

need be recalled that the HCI has been constructed for 157 countries

With the World Bank’s Human Capital Index (HCI) placing the country at 115th position out of 157 countries on various parameters, India has finally reacted.

The Union Finance Ministry has issued a statement where in it said that it has decided to ignore the HCI and will continue to undertake its path-breaking programmes for human capital development aiming to rapidly transforming quality and ease of life for all its children.

It need be recalled that the HCI has been constructed for 157 countries.

It claims to seek to measure the amount of human capital that a child born today can expect on attaining the age of 18.

The HCI index values are contended to convey the productivity of the next generation of workers, compared to a benchmark of complete standard education and full health.

According to the HCI, a child born in India will be only 44 per cent as productive when she grows up as she could be if she enjoyed complete education and full health.

The report pointed out that in India, “a child who starts school at age of 4 can expect to complete 10.2 years of school by her 18th birthday”.

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